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These rules are obviously interrelated. If you select the wrong game or attack the wrong players, it really doesn’t matter how well you apply the other rules; the better players will still beat you. We will discuss each rule separately, but you should constantly try to combine all four

Wait for the Right Cards; Then Play Them Aggressively

Most players do not wait until they have the right cards, nor do they play them aggressively enough. They waste their chips by calling when they have weak hands, and they do not attack hard enough when they have strong ones. Because they respond passively to the other players’ initiatives, they slowly lose.

A few players make the opposite error: They are promiscuously aggressive. They attack too often with weak or beaten hands. They are called Maniacs, a very apt term. They occasionally get hot and win big, but usually lose quickly and heavily.

For many games, selective aggression is the only winning style.2 It reduces losses on weak hands because you fold them quickly. It protects you against drawouts and increases the profits on your strong hands because you bet and raise when others would just check or call. Both folding and raising are decisive, while checking and calling are often procrastination, ways to avoid acting decisively.

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