Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce

The Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce, established in 2018, is a voluntary organization of companies and individuals. Since its inception, the Chamber has been dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of two-way trade and investment between Israel and Malta.


In recent years we are fortunate to witness closer relations between Israel and Malta at all levels. Of special importance are visits of high-level government officials, Israeli Fintech operations in Malta and an impressive number of Israeli tourists who enjoy visit in Malta.


The opportunities for businesses in both countries are enormous. We believe that better understanding and the ongoing exchange of information and visits will expose such opportunities to a wider audience and bring about many more business success stories.

Doing Business in Malta


Facts & Figures

Malta is a Southern European Island Country located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Land area: 316 km

Population: 475.7 (est)

Capital city: Valletta

Official languages: Maltese & English

Curency: Euro 


Major Industries

  • Aviation

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Financial Servises

  • Fintech

  • Film Industry

  • Logistics

  • Maritime

  • Hightech Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gaz

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Remote Gaming

  • Tourism 

Why Malta?

  • Long term economic, political and social stability

  • Strategic location with easy access to nearby markets

  • An efficient, competitive and transparent tax system

  • Highly-skilled and English speaking human resources

  • Competitive cost structure with low social costs

  • Excellent quality of life and a safe environment

  • An attractive incentives package administrated by Malta Enterprise

  • Transparent legal and regulatory environment coupled with sophisticated ecosystem 

Support Measures

  • Investment aid

  • Access to finance in the form of soft loans, interest rate subsidies, and a loan guarantees

  • Tax refund upon a distribution of dividends to shareholders

  • Dubel taxation agreements in force with Israel 
    (EN / HE )

  • Support for enhancement and training for the workforce

Information & Sources

2019-03-21 (3).png

Source: Malta Governent Presentation

Source: Finance Malta

Leading Sponsors:

Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce - 10 Hataas Street, Hakeren Building, Ramat Gan, Israel.

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